Our Priests

"..Follow me and I will make you fishers of men..."

Matthew 4:19

Fr Michael O'Donoghue
Our Parish Priest

Ordained a Priest for our Diocese in 1970, Fr Michael’s training for the Priesthood took place at All Hallows College, Dublin.

A proud Kerryman, the heritage of early Celtic Christianity has always been a golden thread woven into his life and his work as Priest and Pastor.

Prior to becoming our Parish Priest, his ‘CV’ of Parishes has been a journey from Oakham, in his formative years as a young Priest, to Derby; from Leicester to Lincoln.

From 1980 to 1991, he was the Diocese’s Director of Youth Services based at ‘The Briars’ in Derbyshire, leading and developing Youth work provision for the Diocese with his team of youth leaders, ministering to “the Church of Tomorrow”. The Diocese of Nottingham Youth Service remains a respected leader in Youth Ministry and formation across England & Wales.

And when it’s time to ‘switch off’? He is an avid golfer and sportsman. The days of cross-country running in the fields of Killarney may be the memories of youth but 18 holes whenever the opportunity lends itself keeps the competitive heart beating away and the spirits high.

Fr Michael’s wish for our Parish as a living Christian community is:

'to be conscious of the past, aware of the present and look to the future with confidence in the God of Jesus who promised that the Holy Spirit is with us all day to the end of time'.
Fr Matthias1
Fr Matthias Ejukwe

We feel lucky and blessed to have as our Priests both Fr Michael and Fr Matthias.