Lay Leadership

" united in your convictions and united in your love, with a common purpose and a common mind."

Phil 2:2

To live as a vibrant Christian community means the active involvement of parishioners in communion with our Priests. Together, our many talents are pooled for the benefit of our Parish as a whole.

There are those who contribute behind the scenes in helping to make our Parish ‘tick’ : running the Parish Office, groundsman, cleaning, keeping house, managing the Parish Centre, welcoming visitors to our door.

If the life of a Parish is a jigsaw, each piece is as important as the next.

Under the leadership and guidance of our Priests, there are members of our Community who undertake leadership roles, both visible and behind the scenes:

church panorama
Parish Pastoral Team

is drawn from our midst and is a consultative body for our Parish. Its purpose is to help guide and mould both the spiritual and social life of our Parish as we progress through the Church’s year and through this, help us to live our mission as a Parish family.

It meets every two months.

Finance Committee

advises our Parish Priest in financial matters. With responsibility to the Parish as well as to the Diocese, it plays an important role in the management of our Parish. Members of the Committee are drawn from our Parish Community together with the professional assistance of an accountant.