Parish History

"Deus est pater; Deus est filius; Deus est spiritus sanctus"

Our Parish began a new chapter in 1979 with the consecration of the present church. This was a period of natural renewal for the Parish.

A new beacon on the skyline of Newark was born (literally!) with the lifting into place of our modern spire.

We became next door neighbours to Holy Trinity Academy, the Parish Primary School,  which had moved to their new site a few years earlier. Then, in 2005, we added the Parish & Community Centre.

Whilst the move to the present church heralded a new chapter in our Parish life, the Christian heritage of Newark runs deep.

There are accounts of a Saxon church in the town, which speaks of an early Christian community existing in Newark. In the 11th century, building of the parish church of St Mary Magdalene began, being completed in the 15th century.

Our Parish of Holy Trinity dates back to the early 1800s. The earlier Parish church was situated on Parliament Street and opened in 1837. This was the focus of Parish life until our new church was completed in 1979. As with many ageing buildings, the years had taken their toll and, for all the affection the Parish had for its church, it realised a new building was needed.

We closed the door on our old church in the summer of 1979 and welcomed our new chapter with the consecration of the new church by Bishop James McGuinness.

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Old Church