Our Hermits : the Elston Benedictines

‘Crux Sacra Sit Mihil Lux’

: May the Holy Cross be my Light :

Fr Richard

Amongst us live Fr David and Fr Richard who have professed the vocation to live the ‘eremetical’ life: Hermits.

As Priests and Hermits, they live under the Benedictine Rule, a rule of life written by St Benedict in the 5th century, and under the patronage of our Bishop in accordance with Canon Law.

As Hermits, it is a life of simplicity; of silence, solitude, prayer and penance. It is a way of life whose roots lie deep in the earliest days of the Christian Church. But it is not a life cloistered away.

We are joined in Parish ministry by Fr David and Fr Richard from time to time. They are also engaged in supporting the ministry of the Diocese at large.

In choosing to live under the Benedictine Rule, their small community has become known as ‘the Elston Benedictines’; their day-wear the recognisable traditional black habit of the Benedictine Order.

Fr David
To contact the Hermitage

by telephone: 01636 526947

by email: hermitage.fathers@gmail.com

Fr David and Fr Richard can be contacted at any time. They live the Benedictine ethos that ‘every guest should be received as Christ’. In other words, you will always be received warmly.