Bereavement Group

HT RedBlue

The Bereavement Group plays an important role within our Parish family. It exists to provide support and counselling for anyone within the Parish who may be dealing with the consequences of a bereavement.

The members of the group come from within our Parish and have received a level of training to assist them in their work. They are used to working with a variety of situations and tailor their support to each circumstance. As needs require, they are used to seeking out further assistance for their work but above all are imbued with a sensitivity to each and every person with whom they are asked to support.

Members of the group meet regularly themselves to share and discuss current issues as a way of assisting all within the group in their work.

Want to know more?
  • If you would like the support of the group: Contact the Parish Office
  • Interested in becoming a member of the counselling team?: Contact the Parish Office
  • Members meet monthly