the celebration of Public Mass – update

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As the Parish has adapted through July to the new arrangements for attending Mass, thank you to all for being understanding and working with us to help keep the opening of the church as safe an environment as possible.

Can we encourage you to continue with this. For as long as the Public Health circumstances continue, it is important that we remain vigilant of the Public Health risks in general and continue to abide by the requirements for having our church open for Public Mass.

  • it remains important that if you wish to attend a weekend Mass, you contact the Parish Office from Wednesday of each week onwards. The work involved in managing the booking & allocation of places within the church means that we can only work week by week.
  • factoring in the various combination of ‘bubbles’, maintaining the 2m Social Distancing and working with a reduced capacity to the church explains why we are allocating seats to everyone who attends a weekend Mass. You will appreciate this changes Mass by Mass, week by week! Thank you for being accepting of this.
  • please try and arrive in good time for the weekend Masses – this helps the Stewards and helps ensure that Mass can begin on time. The church will be open half an hour before Mass is due to begin.
  • if you wish to attend a weekday Mass, it remains important that you write your name and contact details on the clipboard as you enter the church. This is a Public Health requirement that we must adhere to.
  • Thank you to those who are pitching in to help clean the church after each Mass. It is essential that the church is thoroughly cleaned after each use – seats, seat shelves, kneelers, door touch panels and handles etc
  • if you feel you would like to help with Stewarding at a weekend Mass or with cleaning after Mass, please contact the Parish Office – the more Parishioners that are involved helps spread the load.
  • **from this weekend, 8th/9th August, please be aware that everyone attending Mass will need to wear a face mask**. The updated Government guidelines were issued recently and advertised in the media. Section 2 of the guidelines deals with when masks are to be worn; section 3 deals with exemptions to the new guidelines:
  • please remember, if you feel unwell, you should not be attending church! If you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, you should not be attending church! Please remain at home until you are healthy once again and/or have yourself tested negative for the virus.