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Sun 24th May : World Communications Day

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This year’s theme is devoted to storytelling.

“That you may tell your children and grandchildren” (Ex 10:2)

In his message to mark this day, Pope Francis says, “I believe that, so as not to lose our bearings, we need to make our own the truth contained in good stories. Stories that build up, not tear down; stories that help us rediscover our roots and the strength needed to move forward together.” He speaks of the Bible as “the great love story between God and humanity.”

We can all recognise that our world of today is woven with digital culture. Pope Francis recognises that the media must become a primary platform for spreading the Gospel.

Amidst a world of digital media, of many voices and opinions reaching us from all directions, he speaks of the need for a “human story that can speak of ourselves and of the beauty all around us…A narrative that can tell us that we are part of a living and interconnected tapestry..”

His message is addressed to us all. Follow this link to read for yourself: