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Prayer Resources to carry us through

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Now available on our Parish website are a selection of resources to help our prayer and reflection in the days ahead. You will find these on the ‘Prayer Resources’ page of our website’s ‘Worship’ section – link from the homepage or from the link below.

As we will each have our own needs from time to time, we have endeavoured to provide a rich variety of sources for our Parish community.

There are links to enable you to livestream Mass, including from Bishop Patrick; from Pope Francis’s daily Mass in Rome as well as other locations. Should you wish to join in praying the Rosary, you can stream from the Shrine of Our Lady in Lourdes. For further meditation there is a 24hr stream from our own National Shrine of Our Lady in Walsingham.

You may wish to follow the journey through St Matthew’s Gospel in daily segments from the podcast available via the Bishops Conference. To follow daily scripture, this resource is also available.

If you would like to follow a simple ‘home service’ one has been prepared by our Bishops and this can be downloaded to have within easy reach.

We can join with Pope Francis through his prayer for us all.

We will continue to update the Parish website to provide further information as and when necessary or available. The parish Newsletter will continue to be uploaded weekly. So…keep checking in!

Whilst we continue through these unusual times for us all, we must continue to remember why the steps that have been taken have been taken. The science tells us that coronavirus COVID-19 is a rapidly spreading viral infection that we each have the capacity to spread without knowing it, should we be a carrier. The most medically vulnerable in our community will be the least able to fight it should they become infected. We must all do our bit to help halt its spread and help keep ourselves, our families and our community healthy and safe.

As stated previously, whilst public Masses are now suspended this does not mean our church is closed. It remains, as it always is, a place for you to visit and pray whenever you feel you want to.