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Parish Giving – an update

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At this time when our Church is closed, we have been asked how Parishioners can continue to make their offerings to the Parish.  This is much appreciated. Our Parish needs your continued support at this time.

Coronavirus raises some particular financial challenges.  We are not alone in this of course. Whilst the Church is closed to public worship, there is not the opportunity to give by way of Offertory collection as Parishioners might normally do. The closure of the Parish and Community Centre for all meetings and events, similarly means it will not provide the income stream it normally does.  We must, however, continue to pay for essentials including the upkeep of our buildings and other ongoing costs.

Giving by way of Standing Order: this continues regardless of the Coronavirus situation and does so until such time as you change your instruction to your Bank. Thank you for your ongoing giving in this way – it is a great help to us.

Giving by way of Envelope or Cash: Thank you for your giving. Please be aware that, although you are not able to do this as you would normally do, it is possible to continue to give via online or telephone banking. This is possible whether you wish to make a single donation or you wish to give on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to do so as an alternative, you might wish to set up a regular gift by Standing Order. This would involve you instructing your bank to make an ongoing regular payment from your account to the Parish. As easy as it is to set up, it is also easy to stop (or amend) at any time as you wish.

How do I go about this? :

In either case, please contact the Parish Office by email or telephone. We will be able to provide you with the Parish bank details to allow you to set up the Giving you would like to make. It is very straightforward to set up.

Above all, thank you for your ongoing Giving to the Parish, particularly at this time.