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Missio & World Mission Sunday

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World Mission Sunday is marked on Sunday 18th October. It is a day when the Church around the world is asked to come together in prayer to support ‘mission’.

Many within our Parish community support ‘global’ mission throughout the year in their support of the work of the Mill Hill Fathers, via the red ‘Missio’ collection boxes. At the present time, due to Public Health restrictions, it is not possible for these boxes to be collected and emptied.

The mission of the Mill Hill Fathers is an important one. For any Parishioners wishing to learn more about their work and read reflections on this universal mission, copies of the Autumn ‘Missio’ magazine are available from the windowsill in the external porch area of the church.

For those with ‘Missio’ red boxes or anyone wishing to support the work of the Mill Hill Fathers, the ‘Missio’ magazine also provides details of how donations can still be made by cheque & post; online; text; phone or bank transfer.

On behalf of the work of Missio and the Mill Hill Fathers, our Parish representatives express their gratitude for the Parish interest and support of this ongoing work.