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Changes to the Holy Week Liturgies

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The Liturgies of Holy Week and Easter will be celebrated in exceptional form this year. They will be celebrated by our Priests in private whilst Churches remain closed for public workship.

There will be changes to the usual form of the Liturgies as celebrated in normal times:

Palm Sunday:

There will be no Blessing of Palms. There will be no Procession of Palms. The Liturgy will be a simple Liturgy (the Third Form). As a result, there will be no palms available for Parishioners.

Mass of Chrism:

This will not take place. Our Bishops have made this decision in solidarity with Pope Francis, reflecting his own arrangements for Holy Week.

Once the current restrictions have been lifted, a Mass of Chrism will be celebrated during which new Holy Oils will be blessed.

Maundy Thursday : Mass of the Lord’s Supper:

There will be no Washing of Feet. There will be no Altar of Repose. The Blessed Sacrament reserved at the end of Mass will remain in the Tabernacle.

Where Mass is Live-Streamed, this may end with a focus on the Tabernacle to allow those joining Mass via the stream to watch and pray.

Good Friday:

Whilst there will be the ‘Showing’ of the Crucifix, there will be no Veneration of the Cross.

Easter Vigil:

There will be no Easter Fire. There will be no procession of the Paschal Candle. There will be a simple format involving the lighting of the Candle followed by the Easter Proclamation, the Exultet.

The Liturgy of the Word will take place, as also the Renewal of Baptismal Promises but there will be no Blessing of Water.