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We know that many across the Parish (and further afield) have become reliant on, and are enjoying, the ability to follow daily Mass from the Parish via LiveStream. It has been an interesting reflection to acknowledge that, suddenly by virtue of circumstance, our everyday technology can prove additionally valuable over and above the email inbox! …and many of us have become adept at visiting many churches and their Masses around the Globe! Very much a living Universal Church!

We hope you continue to find value in joining Fr Michael and Fr Peter as they celebrate Mass. For themselves, they continue to remember the Parish in their daily prayer and continue to take enjoyment, take comfort, from being able to reach out to you via technology.

Thank you to all who have passed on words of thanks and encouragement; equally, to those who have asked questions or raised problems they have had. All help the ‘cogs of technology’ gain a feel for how the LiveStream is working.

To cover some issues that have arisen from time to timeand technical questions:

LiveStream quality: yes, it was a bit shaky at first, we were aware – it’s been a rapid learning curve for both techies and for the equipment! For some time now though, we feel we have got the stream to the stability we would hope for. We hope you have found this for yourself.

signal feed & Buffering: the ‘spinning wheel in the middle of the screen’ (aka ‘buffering’) is, hopefully, now a rare occurrence! The tech stuff: the only reliable signal feed for us is 4G. The signal we are using has amazing strength for uploading the feed but if the 4G network is under pressure (as it was around Easter time and on Bank Holidays; even the weather!) it can affect the strength of our feed: we get a warning at our end if the signal feed is weak, you may get buffering! Our apologies when this happens, it is beyond our control. That said, it tends to last for only a short period of time. The other factor that can cause buffering is the strength of signal at the viewing end. If you have a weak signal, this can affect your viewing experience. If you find it bad, do know that the Masses are stored on our YouTube channel and can be watched in playback at any time. Often this resolves weak signal issues in the Stream.

early feed data strength: we have noticed that the first few minutes of the LiveStream can have data feed weakness at times. This seems to be the feed settling into its rhythm. It is possible you may suffer feed stutter or buffering if this occurs. We aim to get the feed up in time to counter this. If it does occur, hang in there – it fades out after just a few minutes

which size of screen is best? as the LiveStream we send is not full 1080 HD, to view on large screens may result in ‘fuzzy edges’ to the picture. Anything generally medium sized and smaller (e.g. ipad and medium sized laptop; even a mobile phone) will give you a wonderfully clear picture. We have heard of some people ‘casting’ the picture from their device (phone, ipad) to a TV screen and finding this effective. Gosh!

volume: we have received a few comments about this along the way. We know the sound quality is generally good. Know that we’re are all mic’d up here in the Parish to give the strongest sound quality we can. At your viewing end, remember there can be two separate sound controls you can adjust for yourselves: 1. your viewing device itself but also (and often missed/forgotten): 2. the You Tube feed itself. With the viewing screen open and the feed coming through, remember you have viewing controls in the bottom left of the YouTube screen (can be hidden until you place a cursor in this area). You are able to adjust the volume on the LiveStream itself from here. The default setting can often be on the low side so it can be useful to check and adjust to suit your own ear.

playback: if you have had problems with a LiveStream, remember you can watch Mass in ‘playback’ from our channel. Usually this gives smooth viewing. It also means you can obtain the benefit of being at Mass at any time, if you are unable to follow ‘live’

We hope this helps. If you have any comments or particular questions about the LiveStream, please let the Parish Office know. Where we can help, we will!