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A Journey to Confirmation

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As a Parish, we are conscious that our normal cycle of preparations for the Sacrament of Confirmation was disrupted by the COVID years of 2020/2021/2022.

As we look ahead, and following conversation with Bishop Patrick, we plan for 2024 to witness the Visitation of Bishop Patrick to Holy Trinity for the Sacrament of Confirmation (proposed date: Fri 9 February).

Across the recent weekend of November 25/26, we invited those wishing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, together with their parents, to gather informally after the 11am Mass. It was lovely to see such a gathering and to be able to share the outline Parish plan for Confirmation preparation.

For those present on that occasion, you should have received an email from Fr. Michael in follow-up.

The Parish Programme of Preparation will be tailored to Parish need, to those involved. We are mindful that those who would normally have been prepared for and received the Sacrament in 2021, were not able to. You will have undertaken an online course, at best, due to the prevailing circumstances of the time. Equally, there will be those, now of age, wishing to prepare to receive the Sacrament. The intention will be to have a Parish Programme to prepare all those wishing to receive the Sacrament that refreshes and appropriately prepares you for the important and enjoyable occasion it will be.

  • We invite anyone who would like to prepare to be Confirmed, and who was not able to be present at the recent meeting, to contact the Parish Office. Please also complete a ‘Confirmation Enquiry Form’ – this can be found in the Narthex at Holy Trinity or downloaded from the Holy Trinity website (Worship – Confirmation).
  • Whilst the Sacrament of Confirmation will take place at Holy Trinity, should any Parishioner who normally attends St. Joseph, New Ollerton or Our Lady of Victories, Southwell (or even, who may be away from home currently) wish to be Confirmed, please also contact the Parish Office.
  • To prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, you must, as a rule, be (at least) of Secondary School age.

For anyone interested in being Confirmed, a general introduction can be found via the following link:

The journey to Confirmation will be a journey for us all – primarily for the candidates themselves but also for your Parents and families, to support and encourage you in your preparation. It is also for the Parish as, through our encouragement, prayer and support, we journey with the candidates towards a celebration of their Confirmation.

For candidates, your families and Parish, an important date to note:

  • a first stage on the Journey to Confirmation will be a Rite of Enrolment. This will take place on Sunday 17th December as part of the 11am Parish Mass at Holy Trinity. This will be the moment candidates formally place themselves forward to begin their journey to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.