The Church in Pictures.

The present church building

The present church was consecrated in July 1979. The building is of red brick construction with a narrow spire. This drew much public attention during the latter stages of construction as it was lowered into place by helicopter.

Following completion of the building, it was beset by a major structural defect relating to the roof support. This has since been rectified.

A brief pictorial view of our church


The Sanctuary

Our Lady's Altar

Our Lady's Altar

Priests Plaque

Plaque displaying past and present
Parish Priests

History of the parish

Records of the parish of Holy Trinity date back as far as the 1830s.

The original church was situated on Parliament Street. This was of rendered finish and had a bell tower. The bell, sadly, was unable to be used due to safety concerns for many years.

Parish Priests

The following is a chronological list of all the Parish Priests who have served Holy Trinity:

  Years of service Died
James Yver ????-1836 ??/??/??
Very Rev. Provost James Waterworth 1836-1876 28/03/1876
Rev. Father Edmund Smith 1876-1904 11/05/1916
Right Rev. Mgr Canon John Hadican 1904-1929 13/02/1958
Rev. Father Claude Bostock 1929-1944 05/07/1956
Very Rev. Canon John Bernard Farmer 1944-1962 26/09/1962
Right Rev. Mgr Peter J. O’Dowd 1962-1976 24/11/2000
Rev. Father Timothy O’Sullivan 1976-1993  
Fr. Michael Stappard 1993-1998  
Mgr. Brian Dazeley. 1998-2008  
Fr. Michael O'Donoghue. 2008-present  

Assistant Priests:

Fr. Fitzgerald Fr. Bernard Doran
Fr. Roche Fr. Joe McGovern
Fr. A. White Fr. Joe Carty
Fr. Lyons Fr. Brian Finerty
Fr. Brady Fr. Eoin O’Mahony
Fr. Bernard Kevill Fr. John Mack
Fr. Ronald Hudson R.I.P. Fr. Joseph Maguire
Fr. Michael Brown Fr. Philip Baker
Fr. John Tavares Fr. Joseph Dom