Pastoral Programme

As a living Christian Community, we endeavour to grow, develop and deepen our faith throughout the Church's year. The Parish Pastoral Programme lies at the heart of this work.

There are specific pastoral programmes relating to Baptism, RCIA, Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Pastoral Programmes - general information

To be part of one of the following pastoral programmes, please speak to the Parish Office:

Baptism, RCIA, Holy Communion, Confirmation

You will need to complete the relevant Enquiry Form, a copy of which can be found in the Narthex of the Church or downloaded here:

Prosba O Chrzest dla dziecka


Holy Communion


First Holy Communion

Are you part of the Parish First Holy Communion preparation programme? If so, the Parish has prepared an information booklet to accompany your preparations. It includes a programme timetable and other useful information to assist your participation. We encourage you to download the booklet and keep it with you at home to aid your preparations through to the day of your First Holy Communion.

First Holy Communion information booklet

Czy bierzesz udział w parafialnym programie przygotowawczym? Jeżeli tak, to przygotowaliśmy dla Ciebie broszurę informacyjną, która zawiera cenne informacje oraz porady. Link do pobrania:

Pierwsza Komunia Święta - Broszura Informacyjna

Travel Fund for Catholic Education

This fund began in July 2007 when Nottinghamshire County Council introduced travel charges to it's Faith schools. It is our hope that this cost will not be an obstacle to the choice of your child's secondary school. However, we on the travel committee want to remind all parents/carers that our fund exists to provide financial help towards the travel costs for any child attending All Saints Academy. It is available to those parents who do not qualify for free school meals, and would therefore find it otherwise difficult to meet this cost.

The funds are allocated by a small number of trustees who are members of Holy Trinity Parish. All applications are treated with the utmost confidentiality. An application form, or more information is available from the Parish office or can be downloaded here:

Travel Fund application form

Travel Fund application form (in Polish)

Any donations to our fund would be gratefully received.