Technical Facilities.

All rooms are equipped with modern lighting fixtures; dimmable in the main hall, providing adequate illumination for all purposes.

Furthermore, the Centre includes a comprehensive range of audio/visual facilities as follows.

Main Hall.

The main hall facilities include a 3m (diagonal) electrically operated screen and LCD projector; a versatile sound system with high level JBL speakers and sockets for subwoofers (supplied at extra cost upon request).

A DVD player, VHS tape player/recorder and Freeview/DVB tuner are supplied as standard. The audio from these is fed into a small mixing console which has additional capacity for user supplied microphones and other line level devices.

Socketing is provided, configurable for its suited purpose, the length of the hall. This includes a VGA link via 15 pin sockets for PC presentations along with unbalanced, stereo audio via 3.5mm mini-jack. A pair of balanced, XLR terminated lines are provided either as microphone channels or alternatively, as DMX feeds for user supplied lighting fixtures from a user supplied lighting console.

User supplied sound equipment is powered via 13amp outlets at the stage through a sound limiting device. This device is a requirement of the premises licence, though is unlikely to be of issue to most hirers, as the trigger level is around 100dB.


The lounge is equipped with a sound system independent of the main hall, though the two can be linked in either direction (as a feed to or a feed from) at the turn of a knob.

A 2m screen is also available for A/V presentations and movies with a trolley mounted projector and audio system available upon request.